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Welcome To My Website

Welcome To My Website

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Welcome to my website.

I am a lawyer who loves reading books of all sorts but especially history about women in the long eighteenth century, be they highwaywomen or heiresses, authors or actresses, voyagers or victims.

In my blog you will find stories about these women, books I am reading and the little things that make me think or laugh. I am a huge fan of Dickens and Boswell. So, alongside my blogs on lesser-known female writers you will find blogs about these two colossuses of English literature.

During lockdown, I have been busy writing a book about the highwaywoman Mary Bryant, her mysterious inheritance and the kindness shown to her by the biographer James Boswell. Having spent three years in numerous archives and libraries around the world, I will also share some tips on research, visiting archives and the importance of questioning history.

My hometown of Edinburgh will feature in my posts. Its two parts, the Old Town and the New Town, combine to create a city full of history, culture and beauty. The Old Town is full of dark close alleys, towering tenements and gabled roofs, while the New Town is known for its spacious elegant roads, squares, circuses and Georgian buildings. Just as Edinburgh has inspired so many writers and authors like JK Rowling, James Boswell and Sir Walter Scott, so it inspires me. Do not be surprised to find posts on Edinburgh too.

My promise to you is to add at least one new blog a week and to create a cornucopia of treats, where you can find something that entertains you or makes you think.

I am on Instagram and twitter, so please drop me a comment or any questions you may have.

Enjoy the website.


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