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As a lawyer, I am constantly reading. When I am not reading legal documents, you will find me curled up with a novel, non-fiction book or travel guide. Literature about women across the centuries, but especially in the long eighteenth fascinates me.

In my blog you will find stories about these women, books I am reading, travel, women and sport and the little things that make me think or laugh. I am a huge fan of Dickens and Boswell. So, alongside my blogs on lesser-known female writers you will find blogs about these two colossuses of English literature.

I am working on tow books, one on the highway-woman Mary Bryant, and the other on the Double Dutchess, Elizabeth Gunning. Over the last years, I have visited numerous archives and libraries around the world as I uncover more about these women. If you would like tips on research, visiting archives and the importance of questioning history, then reach out to me.

As an Olympian, I am ever grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had through sport, and am passionate about women and girls following their dreams in whatever field they choose.
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